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    norm smith
    norm smith

    Just picked up the latest MW. I generally like the magazine, but under the new editor, the magazine is STILL hosting a 4 page wargame club directory.

    Some 6 months on, this repetitive item should surely have been moved to their website by now.

    It just feels like filler to me and reducing my pleasure of purchase.

    This month, thankfully there is an absence of Show articles, last month there were plenty and combined with the club directory, it was my least enjoyable magazine read for ages and yet the previous month had been very good.

    I buy all three magazines from Smith’s without fail (I have a subscription to 1), but my enthusiasm is dropping. Please JT, will you do something about that directory.

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    Not Connard Sage
    Not Connard Sage

    Show reports, useless ‘directories’, AARs. All filler.

    One more reason I gave up paper magazines years ago. I don’t subscribe to any e-zines either.

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    Chris Pringle

    Please don’t give up on MW yet – I’ve just sent John an article on scenario design! 


    Bloody Big BATTLES!




    Personally, I don’t mind a brief Aar if it accompanies a scenario.  My single favorite recurring feature in any magazine is “Bite Sized Battles” in WSS.
    Thanks for the info. I buy single issues of magazines online as PDFs, may give this one a miss.

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