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    RDF forward research unit – location classified.

    Steve Bewskeme stumbles out from the craft and gives Clyde a puzzled look. Who pushes the non regulation cowboy hat to the back of his head and adjusts the straps to his great coat. Another piece of non regulation kit.

    “Well Steve?” He asks, looking at his brother Colin, who was dress in similar attire.
    “I dunno, I’m a botanist not a spaceship expert. But it’s definitely part of a ship of some sort, maybe an escape or drop pod. But it’s like something I’ve never seen”. He replies.
    “Maybe it’s corporation” adds Obidiah
    “No, there’s no way they could operate this far out even Cerberus. Anyway where’s the pilot or occupants?” Says Clyde.
    “Either way it’s a possible security beach. You better get on to control”.

    Clyde nods and climbs into their Pathfinder to get on the radio. Trooper Richards, the squads youngest and newest member. Who is the only RDF trooper in the squad wearing his regulation kit. Looks over his shoulder from his position in the Pathfinder drivers seat, but says nothing.
    “Delta 2 to RDF control come in please, over”.
    “This is control, Colonel Shields speaking go ahead”.
    “Sir, we have a confirmed vehicle of unknown origin. No sign of life, over”.
    There’s a pause as Shields thinks. Clyde knows this will have the Colonel worried.
    “Received Colin, return to base and do a perimeter sweep as you come, report anything out of the ordinary, over”
    “Received sir, and it’s Clyde sir. Out”.
    Colonel Shields sighs and takes a large swig of morning coffee.
    It seems that all morning they’ve been monitoring meteors and debris showers. Although not uncommon, Shields felt uneasy. Add that with the loss of two satellites yesterday. Something weird was happening and it wasn’t good.
    “What’s the news on Delta 2 sir?” Asks Captain Fouquet
    “It’s not good, it’s confirmed, we have a possible intruder and security beech…………no idea where it’s come from or how it got here. Still, not surprising really. I don’t know how much longer we could’ve kept this oporation a secret” he says smiling weakly.
    “Well, the new relief unit should soon arrive, sir” says Fouquet
    “It seems we might need the extra manpower, sooner rather than later”

    “Uh sir” says Trooper Hinckley. Who is up to now pulling a double shift as the base is so short staffed. Especially controllers.
    “We have a power drop on the main grid. The power plant in sector 7-7-3 has gone offline sir” he reports.
    “Oh great, the last thing we need right now” replies Shields.
    “Could be a problem with the fuel rods” says Fouquet
    “Either way we aren’t that well established in this area yet. We can’t afford any power problems” snaps Shields. “Send in an FRU (an RDF forward research unit) to take a look. Pathfinder 1-1-2 have an engineer onboard”.

    The RDF trooper enters the small and empty comms room. He types out an encrypted message and waits a short while in order to piggy back the signal. He knows that any reply will take time and that he might have to take the initiative.
    Unanticipated developments, advise bringing forward plans. Await your reply.

    To be continued……….


    Part One – RDF Remote Air Base, 30km west of Olympus Mons – Mars

    The Brief 

    The Raven drop ship skirts low over the Marian terrain as it begins its landing circle.
    “Sector control this is Romo, Alfa One. Requesting permission to land over” says the Pilot.
    “Permission granted proceed to docking ring one, landing area Bravo” comes the reply.

    Major McCallum looks around the small interior of the drop ship. With him is Sergeant Daniels and Corporal Woods. One year ago the squad discovered a secret bio weapons research lab run by Bio-Tech Industries and barely got out with their lives. Despite that: little evidence was recovered and no official charges brought. Afterwards, McCallum’s been promoted twice and now given command of a larger squad for their new assignment. As which McCallum has yet to be briefed. As well as Daniels and Woods their squad has been joined by Omega squad. Lt Frank Heap who he’s known since officer school. Trooper Wolfgang Ritter and Trooper Yan Song.

    As soon as the Raven touches down McCallum and the team are out and being lead into the facility by a liaison NCO. The docking ring consisting of not just a surface air strip but also underground hangers and other various facilities too. McCallum couldn’t understand why they chose to put a docking ring this size so far out, seems isolated to him.

    “I’m Corporal Hunter sir, follow me please. Our briefing room is occupied so you will be briefed in the hanger bay. Wait in bay 3 please, the General will be with you”

    They enter the underground hanger and proceed to bay 3.

    To be continued……..

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    Great stuff, very atmospheric so far. Love the dropships and the craft being towed.


    Can these be kept in one thread? I love your terrain. I have had that mesh in my eBay watch list for ages now but am going to buy some now.

    Who makes those drop ships? I want some.


    Alexander Wasberg

    Keep them coming, this is great!

    Your terrain is very nice, love your scratch-building skills 🙂


    One word,

    You’ve really outdone yourself with that base, a really inspiring piece.

    Also, are those Hawk wargames dropships, I thought they were 10mm but they look spot on for 6mm.

    I forsee a number of purchases in my future😎

    Looking forward to seeing what’s underground.

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    If you like 6mm scifi check out http://planetares6.blogspot.be/?m=0



    Thuseld: Yes I can keep it all to one thread if you like. I thought it would be easier to slit it up into 4. (I do like to spread myself out) But if it makes it better, I’ll keep it all to this one.

    Stroezie is right, those dropships are 10mm Hawk wargaming. Those shown are UCM (unite colonies of mankind) or something. They are spot on for 6mm, in fact more 6mm then 10mm IMO.

    Darkest Star Games
    Darkest Star Games

    Oooo, awesome job, really like the base!

    There are several DZC models that work great for 6mm, especially the dropships.  A couple of the PHR ones even work great as 15mm drones.

    "I saw this in a cartoon once, but I'm pretty sure I can do it..."



    They are lead into one of the underground hangers. Being used as a prepping bay for a Titan 5 rocket used to launch automated surveillance satellites into Mars’s atmosphere. They all cluster in bay 3 as told. Then Woods starts nattering to the technician. Working the rocket at the top of the gantry.

    “Hey Bob is that you up there? it’s me Woods”
    “Woods how are you? Still in the RDF is see. I left last year, got a job programming these”.
    “Is that a Titan 3?”
    “5…..you’re a bit behind the times”
    Woods was about to reply when General Sinclaire walks into the hanger.


    “Sorry this is all a bit rushed, but time is of the importance and the briefing room is taken so I’ll get straight to it” says Major General Huw Sinclaire. “What I’m about to say goes beyond classified” he continues

    The RDF troopers look at each other. They all know this is somewhat unusual, but classified briefings are not uncommon.

    “Two years ago a small research team made an unusual discovery within this region. Luckily it was brought back here and kept under raps. Only a small selection of people were told about it. We don’t know the origins of this particular object….but…it soon became clear it was a substantial finding” he continues

    “What we had found turned out to be some sort of transwarp gate. We didn’t know how it came to be here. Nor who built it, but we had figured out how to use it. It wasn’t the only one of it’s kind too. There is another one just like it. And we control that too”. He says

    He looks at the troopers who are completely star struck. Expecting them to say something but they all remain quiet. He was about to continue but stops and looks up at the Gantry.
    “Haven’t you got work to do Technician? He snaps at Bob, who was looking down at the group, rubber necking.

    “Oh…..errrh….sir, yes sir” he’s says turning his back, burying his head back into his computer screen.

    “You are all familiar with Proxima B? The Earth like planet the other side of the Sun”. He continues without looking for an answer.

    “We have been sending teams out there for the last two years. Space travel as you know is scrutinising slow and so would be any attempt at surveying the planet. Until now. Well it turns out there is another gate, just like the one we have here. And it’s on Proxima B”. He pauses letting it sink in. “You pass though one gate and come out the other in the faction of the time conventional travel takes”.

    “The teams we have been sending to Proxima B are only the most trusted. I can’t stress enough how important it is to keep the Corporations out. Truth be told Earth is getting worst. Within the last 24hrs a rogue Faction launched a nuclear strike against mainland Europe. The nuclear wasteland just increased tenfold. There is no hope left for Earth. Mars is all but a distant dream, terraforming is slow going and with constant corruption and aggression from a number of Corporations. Especially Cerberus, they would love to get their greedy mitts on this and make our lives harder in the process. Told be told people we are struggling keeping Mars on an even keel”. He pauses a short while. The squad now giving their undivided attention.

    “We have an unprecedented chance at building a better world. A world free of war and destruction. A world that is already terraformed. A world without the greed, violence and megalomania of the Corporations” he smiles….”Well are you all ready to make history? because you people have been selected to go to Proxima B”

    To be continued……….

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    Oooooh coolio. Do like the tower.


    That elevator platform rocks!

    Also, I’ve been waffling for a long time about getting some of those 1/300 fighters from Brigade models, you have convinced me I need them now .

    If you like 6mm scifi check out http://planetares6.blogspot.be/?m=0



    That elevator platform rocks! Also, I’ve been waffling for a long time about getting some of those 1/300 fighters from Brigade models, you have convinced me I need them now .

    Yes, the Neo Soviet fighters along with the British are my favourite by far. If you want a hanger for them their 15mm garage which you see in the airfield pics are perfect.


    If you want a hanger for them their 15mm garage which you see in the airfield pics are perfect.


    Thanks for that, I was getting frustrated trawling through the 6mm buildings trying to find it 

    If you like 6mm scifi check out http://planetares6.blogspot.be/?m=0


    Alexander Wasberg

    Another great piece, this is shaping up to be quite the adventure!

    I love the sets you make, reminds me a bit of video game cutscenes 🙂



    The Interstellar drop

    The RDF Troopers strap themselves into theirs seats in the Raven. It all seems a little rushed to McCallum. Still, they always were thrown into the deep end with the RDF.
    McCallum waits until the last squad member is strapped in. Then he takes his seat, straps in and reachers up to put on the headset. He plugs into the crafts comms system and gets comfortable.
    “This is crazy” says Trooper Song.
    “I mean, we are going in a drop ship!? Should take years to get to Proximo B”
    “Well not anymore apparently” says Daniels
    “Yeah, no need for long hyper sleeps and weeks of recovery on large colony vessels” remarks Trooper Ritter.
    “Yep, just skip all that temporal dilation stuff and just do it in 12 hours, like a bus ride.” says Woods, oozing with cynicism.
    “Yeah well it’s not right. Feels like we’re cheating the universe” comments Daniels.
    “What did she say” asks Woods, but before anyone could answer him General Sinclaire comes over the comms.

    “Ok folks, the gate is being moved into position. Colonel Shields will brief you on arrival. Any questions?” He says.
    “Uh, sir are you sure this is all safe…….I mean….” says Trooper Ritter.
    “We’ve been through this Trooper, yes we’ve been doing it for over a year, I’ll pass you on to the pilot, good luck” Says Sinclaire cutting him off.
    “Ok people” comes the pilots voice over the comms. “I’m flight Lieutenant Jennifer Gomez : I’m your pilot for the next 12 hours. Any questions while they move the gate into position?”.
    “How do they operate it?” Asks Woods
    “Although the alien technology is of unknown origin and completely advanced, by our standards. We have managed to interface our technology with the gate. You see that control tower near the docking ring? Well, we can operate the gate by remote. We can move it in and out of orbit, position it where we like and open and close it”. Says Gomez.

    Both Woods and Lt Frank Heap stretch their necks to look out the small view port. In an attempt to see this strange technology. But only catch a short glimpse of the escort gunship and the barren Mars landscape but nothing else.

    “What does this thing look like anyway?” Says Lt Heap, talking to nobody directly.
    “Hard to describe, but you’ll know it when you see it” says Gomez, she continues
    “Ok, you will experience a shift in the space time continuum. You will feel, like you’re here, but not really here. If that makes sense”. Says Gomez.
    “Not really” says Lt Heap.
    “Sinclaire never told us any of that” remarks Trooper Ritter.
    “Gate in position and now active….Enjoy the ride. Out” comes Sinclaire’s voice over the comms.

    The RDF members all fidget around in their seats to get a look at this mysterious object out of their viewport. Then they catch a glimpse just as the Raven Dropship enters the gates vortex, for Proxima B.

    The Raven Arrives – in orbit above the Northern Hemisphere Proxima B

    “ETA, two minutes” comes Gomez’s voice over the comms.
    McCallum rubs his face. Never had he experienced such feelings. It was like an out of body experience. After a few hours in he could feel his body adapting. Although, he still feels nauseous and strange. It was nothing like what he first felt when they entered the vortex.
    “Wow, yeah baby what a rush!” Comes Woods’s over excited voice
    McCallum looks around at his team. Ritter was sat silently with eyes the size of dinner plates. While Daniels chatted to Song, who didn’t seem to be paying attention. Lt Heap was sorting though the inventory in his vest.
    “I feel like I’ve got a bad case of jet lag” he remarks.

    The Raven exits the vortex and into the sky above the Northern hemisphere of Proxima B. Barely a minute into the flight an explosion occurs. Shaking the dropship violently. Then the Raven rapidly losses altitude.
    “Mayday, mayday! We have lost our starboard engine and lateral controls! We are going down!” Screams Gomez. “Prepare for an emergency landing”.
    Gomez searches around for a safe spot to land. She knows they can’t make the RDF base. She also knows this area of Proxima B well and knows that this area has lots of grassy plateaus but also rocks. Then she’s sees a rocky out crop and a small grassy plateau. That will have to do she thinks to herself.

    The RDF trooper looks up at the distant gate and the closing vortex. He catches sight of the crippled dropship and lowers the shoulder mounted surface to air missile launcher.

    To be continued………

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    Alexander Wasberg

    Ooh, intriguing. I can’t wait for the next one! 🙂



    A soft landing – Northern Hemisphere Proxima B

    McCallum looks around the interior. He could hear alarms sounding and see the lights flashing from the cockpit. Despite the rough landing, everyone seems to be okay.

    “Everyone okay?” He asks, looking around and receiving the thumbs up from all team members.
    “We’ve lost comms, can’t raise RDF control, activating external fire extinguisher.” says Gomez.
    Once the fire was dealt with. The team stumbles out the back and into the snow.
    “Welcome to Proxima B, not the landing I had in mind” says Ritter.


    “The comms are shot, they may of seen us go down. If we wait, they might be sending assistance” says Gomez
    “No” says McCallum. “That engine failure was no accident. That was a Missile attack”
    Lt Heap, who also had been inspecting the damage chipped in.
    “Not just any old missile attack, that has all the hall marks of a type 48 surface to air missile.”
    “What are you saying sir? That we were shot down by our own weapons?” Says Trooper Song.
    “How wonderful, we’ve hardly set foot on this bloody planet and have a bounty on ours heads already” says Woods
    “There’s a solar power plant about a 1k to the east. We might find assistance there” says Gomez

    With little in the way of options McCallum agrees. He wasn’t sure what he’ll find at the power plant. But it was better than hanging around in the snow, waiting. McCallum looks at his PDA and the Proxima B data which he downloaded prior. He noted the some tyre tracks which seemed to run from their position straight through to sector 7-7-3. Where the solar power station is.

    They all start checking their equipment. Ritter gets his mini gun from the Raven and straps it to him in the ready position. While Trooper Song screws a new canister of petroleum jelly Ethanol into his flame unit. McCallum hears magazines being loaded and weapons cocked.
    “Okay folks, Keep your wits about you and let’s go”.


    To be continued………


    Wow! Those are some stunning terrain pieces!

    I can almost hear their boots crunching through the snow.

    That crash site is going straight to my to do list.

    Really looking forward to seeing what you came up with for the power plant.

    Keep up the good work!



    If you like 6mm scifi check out http://planetares6.blogspot.be/?m=0


    Matthew Hipkin

    Some sexy minis there, nice.


    Alexander Wasberg

    Another exiting piece.

    Your terrain continues to impress, that crashed ship, and just everything really, looks so good!

    Keep them coming



    Thanks peeps. Sorry been a while, always more work in it than you first think. Anyway, without further a do….the next instalment…..


    RDF forward research unit – Somewhere in the Northern Hemisphere Prioxma B

    Meanwhile……After Clyde sent the message to control he exited the Pathfinder and joined the others.

    “The ground is thawing out lovely” remarks Steve happily.
    “Yeah, the old potato plants are coming on. Look at the size of that one. What are these plant things called again?” Says Obidiah.
    “Oh I don’t know, but the Snow Worms love em”
    “And you’re the botanist Steve. Do you think we’ll see any Snow Worms this year?” Asks Obidiah
    “I hope not, they’re a bloody irritation…….”
    Before Steve Bewskeme could continue they get interrupted by Clyde.
    “We better get going, Colonel Shields has ordered us back. We need to return at once and do a perimeter check first” says Clyde
    “I just need to finish documenting this” says Steve, jabbing a thumb at the unidentified object.
    “Ok, Odidiah give him a hand but be quick”. Says Clyde


    Clyde makes his way back up to the PathFinder and jumps in, followed by his brother Colin.
    “Pathfinder One, one, three This is Shields…..come in over”
    “Go ahead sir” says Clyde.
    “Just had a mayday call from a downed incoming Raven from Mars. We’ve lost contacted. On your perimeter check, search the crash site and give assistance if needed. I’m sending you the coordinates. Over”.

    “Great, as if we haven’t enough to do” complains Colin
    He looks at the empty drivers seat.
    “Oh for the love of…..where’s Richards? We need to get going and people are wondering about as if on holiday” he says irritably.
    He was about to say something over his headset when a metallic clunk got his attention. He turned his head and didn’t quite register the sight of the stun grenade. Clyde, who was sat next to his brother bore the brunt of the blast.

    “What was that?” Remarked Steve Bewskeme
    He started up towards Obidiah who was equally confused at the bang and flash. Which seemed to come from the Pathfinder. Obidiah moves closer to the Pathfinders position and sees Trooper Richards outside standing next to the vehicle.
    “What was that?” He says, calling out to Trooper Richards.
    Richards doesn’t reply and rises his assault rifle, levelling straight at Obidiah!

    A three round bust hits Obidiah square in the chest. Sending him reeling backwards into the shrubbery. Steve Bewskeme, who was puffing and panting in his enviro suit Stopped dead at the sight of the shooting. Before he could even open his mouth in response. A second burst hits him with deadly accuracy. He was dead before he hit the ground.

    To be continued…….


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    The plot thickens.


    Wow great stuff.

    I really like how you did the snow, what did you use for it?

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