Dear All:

The passed Chinese Mid-Autumn festival the happiest one in my life. Something amazing has happened in the last two weeks! So I want to do something to share my happiness! I decided to give our 15mm Chinese buildings for FREE!
I was carrying out a clearance sale before, now there are still some products of C15 series left, you can see the current inventory from the table below. Anyone, anyone can choose any 3 of them, pay ONLY $15 for shipping, and you can have them!

C15-1Small Dwelling7
C15-1-RSmall Dwelling Ruin6
C15-2Small Brick Dwelling5
C15-2-RSmall Brick Ruin6
C15-3 Small 2-Storey Dwelling7
C15-3-RDamaged Small 2-Storey Dwelling8
C15-4Small Shop4
C15-4-RSmall Shop Ruin13
C15-5-RRestaurant Ruin6
C15-6Courtyard Walls3
C15-6-RCourtyard Wall Ruins2
C15-7Large Dwelling6
C15-7-RLarge Dwelling Ruin4
C15-8Large Shop3
C15-8-RLarge Shop Ruin4

Another purpose of doing this is that I hope more people could see our products and make sure that they will not have any concerns about buying from China.

If you like them, please let me know immediately what you need by email to [email protected] First come, first served!