We have four new 15mm vehicles on the website, all tanks and on the lighter side. We have two more additions to the Mercenary Brigade, the Legion Missile System and Warlock Support Tank, both based on the Shaman chassis. The Germans get a remastered version of the Baldur light tank, available either with autocannon or missile turrets.

The Legion and Warlock turrets are both available as options for the Mercenary Turret Bunker.

Platoon Packs are also available for the Legion, Warlock and Baldur tank. These have three tanks plus crew and accessories, all for less than the cost of the three individual tanks.

SF15-306 – Baldur Light Tank – £6.00
SF15-306a – Baldur Missile Tank – £6.00
SF15-1504 – Legion Missile System – £8.00
SF15-1505 – Warlock Support Tank – £8.00
SF15-1002q – Mercenary Turret Bunker – £9.00
PP15-306 – Baldur Platoon Pack – £17.00
PP15-1504 – Legion Platoon Pack – £23.00
PP15-1505 – Warlock Platoon Pack – £23.00