Today we've added a collection of useful 15mm bits and pieces.
We have some barbed wire - non-lethal, with no spiky bits, but a good scale representation.
The new mini cargo container is the same design as our existing ones, just smaller.
As well as being handy for vehicles and ground installations, the two radars types are designed to fit the turret rings on most of our vehicles.
And to finish things off, two plain bases add to the options in our fireteam bases range.

SF15-923 – Mini Container – £1.50
SF15-925 – Large Radar (x2) – £3.00
SF15-926 – Small Radar (x2) – £1.50
SF15-927 – Barbed Wire (10m) – £4.00
SF15-928 – Plain Base – £0.50
SF15-929 – Large Plain Base – £0.60