The latest re-release in the 20mm World War II range from AB Figures is the British infantry, the first wave of which is now available from Fighting 15s.
The release comprises 17 packs and more additions to the range are expected soon. Like the re-released packs in the US and German forces, the British benefit from new production moulds, restoring the quality of this highly detailed range.
The releases are:
AB-INB01 Infantry Squad, walking (10 figures)
AB-INB02 Infantry Squad, advancing (10 figures)
AB-INB03 Infantry Squad, kneeling and prone (11 figures)
AB-INB04 Infantry Squad, street fighting (10 figures)
AB-INB05 Infantry Squad, defending poses (10 figures)
AB-INB06 Infantry Squad, attacking poses (10 figures)
AB-INB07 Infantry Squad, in slit trenches (10 half figures, 5 trenches)
AB-INB09 Infantry, on patrol (6 figures)
AB-INB10 Officers and radios (10 figures)
AB-INB11 Platoon HQ, in slit trenches (6 half figures, 4 trenches)
AB-INB12 Vickers MG teams, (6 figures, 2 MGs, 1 MG for vehicle)
AB-INB13 PIAT teams, moving and firing (6 figures)
AB-INB14 2” mortar teams, moving and firing (6 figures)
AB-INB15 3” mortar team (2 tubes, 6 figures)
AB-INB16 4.2” mortar team (1 tube, 4 figures)
AB-INB17 Observation post (2 figures)
AB-INB20 Infantry Squad, walking (12 figures)

Figures are only available in packs, with prices in the EU as advised on the Fighting 15s website. Stock is imported from Eureka Miniatures of Australia. Fighting 15s is the EU agent for Eureka Miniatures and AB Figures.