28mm American Frontier Pieces

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Enjoy these images of a sample of our 28mm American Frontier buildings as shown at a recent Westmorland Wargames event.

Note: Items are sold unpainted.

(Prices are shown at Sale price of 20% off)
* No sale code is required as prices shown are 20% off for duration of the sale and 40% off for our 14/7 Club Members. Join our club for $30.00 for a year and get the extra discount during the sale.

Products Shown Include -
Cabin with Stone Chimney $16.80 USD
15mm Storage Shed $16.80 USD
Wattle Fencing Pkg 4 Straight $4.00 USD Pkg4 Corner $4.00 USD
Pile of barrels $0.80 USD
pile of firewood $0.80 USD
wooden plank bridge $14.40USD