We've got the next batch of Red Vectors designs sorted and ready to go!  This time around we've got something for all the 28mm Fantasy players, so Mordheim, Frostgrave, that kind of thing!  These are all available on our website here: HERE and also through our eBay Store HERE  As well as the four regular packs, we've also got a bundle deal available for anyone needing all of them!

28mm Fantasy
RED-28F-01   Fantasy Inn   £19.00
RED-28F-02   3-Storey Houses x 2   £19.00
RED-28F-03   3-Storey Large House   £19.00
RED-28F-04   Ruined Houses Pack   £34.00
RED-28F-BUN   Fantasy Buildings Bundle (10 Buildings)   £79.00

And some pics to tempt you in!

RED-28F-01 - Fantasy Inn     £19.00

RED-28F-02 - 3-Storey Buildings x 2     £19.00

RED-28F-03 - 3-Storey Large Building     £19.00

RED-28F-04 - Ruined Buildings Pack x 6     £34.00

RED-28F-BUN - Bundle Deal x 10 Buildings     £79.00

We've got some more designs coming very soon as well, something for the North Africa players in a variety of scales...

More information on Red Vectors can be found HERE where you can also see a Gallery of the various products Mick has designed so far.