ClearHorizon Miniatures Releases the 28mm Nemesis Light Strike Vehicle!




The Nemesis LSV has finally been released to the general public! All pre-orders are out and now everyone is able to order one.

Designed to carry a driver and passenger, or just a driver with an advanced AI system to complement, the Nemesis is cutting edge technology on any battlefield.

Emission absorbing coating, advanced ECM/ECCM sensor suite and high-megawatt plasma weaponry make the Nemesis a staple in symmetric and asymmetric Special Operations Warfare.

Its four-wheel independent suspension and power train redundancy allows it to take a hit and keep on traversing the most difficult terrain.

Available as a multi-part resin kit in popular 28mm scale.

Purchase one today at ClearHorizon Miniatures –

Sculpted by Steve “Coolhand3d” Tyler

Painted By David Woods