Recently released are the first 4 of our Hill Giants- there will be a total of 7 Hill giants in this series,

 Each Hill giant is approx 80mm tall when standing upright, for each of these first 4 poses the giants stand approx 70mm to 80mm tall depending on the actual pose. But taking into account weapons the total height varies from approx 100mm to 120mm! (Yes they are big!)

The giants are cast in white metal and require some assembly as each giant has either optional arms and /or equipment.

For example the giant swinging the two handed club overhead you can replace his arms with open handed arms in the overhead throwing position ideal for throwing a boulder (included with the model) or you can place a barrel, or even an adventurer for throwing! One giant as the option for a dungeon door shield in place of the standard round shield.

The final three in the Hill giant series include: a Drunken Male Hill giant sitting on a bench (or Barrel) and two female Hill Giants armed with frying pan, kitchen knife or even a rolling pin!