We've recently released a range of 28mm Wild West Buildings.

The range of 14 buildings contains:
A Shed
A Shed with windows
A Shack
A Shack with extra windows
A Hardware store
A Pony Express office
A General store
An Eating house
A Sheriffs office
A School
A Church
A Bank
A Boarding house
and a Saloon

The buildings have removable roofs and upper floors.
Exterior walls are modelled as plank walls and pitched roofs are modelled with slates giving the buildings real texture. Recesses in the walls provide a secure location for the door and windows and make assembly easy. The walls of the buildings are printed as one providing a strong model and minimising assembly.
The sign holders are recessed to accept paper signs, you can download ours or make your own.

The models are available in 28mm only.