28mm WW1 Trench System
36 Masters & Production molds & Rights
Most are 6" squares
Full List upon request
Willing to Sculpt more designs, Contract cast, make new molds as required

Price $9,995USD

Samples in Pictures -

TC61 Alpine Trench #4

TC46 Alpine Trench #1

TC45 Alpine Trench #3

TC47 Alpine Trench #2

TC66 Alpine Trench #5


And there are many more -
TC24 British Trench Sector ( 8 x 6" square terrain pieces)
TC25 German Artillery Bunker
TC26 British Sandbag Artillery Position
TC27 Straight Trench Section
TC28 Straight Trench Section w/ T junction
TC29 Communications Trench
TC30 End Trench Section
TC31 Zig-Zag Trench Section
TC32 MG Position amongst Destroyed Trees
TC36 House Ruin w/ Entrenchment
TC37 Straight Trench Section w/ partial covered section
TC39 German Bunker w/ trench
TC43 German Bunker Complex ( 4 x 6" square terrain pieces)
TC52 Destroyed Trench Section w/ Bunker ( 6" x 12" terrain piece)
TC54 German Observation Bunker in Ruins of Montfaucon Church ( very large terrain piece)
TC55 Urban Trench Section #1
TC58 Outside Corner Trench Section
TC59 Inside Corner Trench Section
TC69 Damaged MG Bunker
TC70 Insert Trench Section, Straight
TC71 Insert Trench Section, Corner