Today we’re expanding on the railway options available in our Small Scale Scenery range, with two different engine sheds and some new track types.

One engine shed is a lerge (250 scale feet long) three-span rectangular shed, the second is a more distinctive circular one based on the Camden Roundhouse in London.

We have a new pack of double track (12 pieces), allowing side-by-side running (which would have been difficult with our existing curved track) and finally for this week, we have a very useful set of assorted crossing track – single and double road crossings, X-crossings and left- and right-hand crossovers

SSS-8077 – Large Engine Shed – £4.00
SSS-8078 – Roundhouse Engine Shed – £3.00
SSS-8079 – Double Track – £5.50
SSS-8080 – Railway Crossings – £4.50