We're at Day 4 of the '10 Days of Shiny' and it's a big one! We know that a lot of you have been eagerly awaiting this release so we're very excited to have our new Feudal Japanese range now available!
We've replaced and expanded our old Samurai range with more codes, more poses, more equipment... more everything really. We've got infantry and cavalry, monks and ninjas, guns and drums, casualties, banners, civilians and more. Everything you could possbly want for your Japanese armies...


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We're reaching the halfway point of our '10 Days of Shiny' and for Day 5 we've got some 28mm transport from RedVectors!

This lot are perfect for the Wild West and ACW, as well as the later 19th Century in general, especially the wagons. The wagons come in both 2-wheel and 4-wheel varieties and then we've also got a stagecoach and prison wagon as well. Finally, we've added some walking horses to pull them. These are all around the £5-£6 mark and the horses come in pairs for £4.

Red Vectors
28mm Wagons -
RED-WAG-01 2-wheeled wagons (x2) £5.00
RED-WAG-01 4-wheeled wagon £5.00
RED-WAG-01 Stagecoach £6.00
RED-WAG-01 Prison Wagon £6.00
RED-WAG-01 Walking horses (x2) £4.00