We have three larger towers in our 6mm Desert Buildings range, all of which are one piece resin castings with small metal accessories in the form of rooftop aerials. These share the same characteristics as the rest of the desert range – solid cast construction with few, if any, windows to keep out the vicious Martian sandstorms. The towers are available singly or in a pack with one of each. As a bonus, we also have the domed radar building that didn't quite make Salute.

BP300-104 – Large Desert Houses – £15.00
BP300-105 – Desert Towers – £14.00

SF300-133 – Large Tower – £6.00
SF300-134 – Square Tower with Dome – £5.00
SF300-135 – Square Tower – £4.50
SF300-136 – Radar Dome Bunker – £3.00