We have a few odds and ends of 6mm scenery to release today. The first is an addition to the Desert Outlands range of 6mm buildings, which are slightly different in style to the rest of the Desert Buildings. This is a bigger model which we’ve termed a Large Residence.

The other two items expand our options for 6mm airbases. The first is a Blast Pen for sheltering aircraft on the ground from bomb blasts (they’re also known as Revetments). It’s large enough to house a single 1/300th aircraft or VTOL.

Finally we have tanks for storing aviation fuel. These come in a pair and would also work in 15mm as smaller fuel or water tanks.

B300-146 – Blast Pen – £2.50
B300-147 – Fuel Tank (x2) – £4.00
B300-806 – Large Residence – £3.00
BP300-802 – Walled Village – £15.00