The 6mm online store has started stocking GHQ WWII Micro Armor now. 6mm Gaming has always had a full selection of modern Micro Armor but has now branched out into the WWII arena as well. At the moment, the selection is limited to US, Russian, and German vehicles, infantry and aircraft but other nations will be added in the future. GHQ's line of WWII armor is massive and it's going to take a little time to build up the selection, but for now there is more than enough to get started,,, all the most popular vehicles and aircraft from USA, Russia, and Germany are online and ready to ship immediately, including several "Combat Command" sets, the perfect way to get into Micro Armor gaming. Like everything else on, whatever is online and in stock ships immediately. We do not back-order, we do not manufacture on demand ... it's all in stock and ready to ship.