TWW has been going for six months now and I want to say thank you to everyone that uses it.
From people that just browse as guests to the Traders that pay to advertise and submit news.
You are all part of the community.

It is very much going in the direction we had envisioned and with more time we will build up the forum content, the Event Calendar and the manufacturers’ Directory.
We are getting over 10,000 unique visitors a month now so people out there are coming here, I will take that as a good thing seeing as our content is gaming related.
Hopefully no-one comes here to rubberneck...?

All being well by the time another six months is up and TWW has its first birthday, we will be spoilt with choice in terms of content!

I know it is not quite what some of you want, but as we can see from polls and so on, what some people want others do not.
The best I can do is try and stick to my vision and listen to overwhelming requests for things and where possible action them.
I can’t please you all, sorry.
Well not sorry about all of it, some requests have been plain daft.

So thanks again to all that come here, and please if you get five minutes, share the news about the site and our aims and goals.
Maybe on your blog, or Facebook page, maybe via Twitter or your own forum, or other forums if it is permitted.

Thanks again for believing in us.