I have updated A Sergeant’s War by adding a few new rules, refining some of the game mechanisms, and reorganizing the rule book to make it easier to read and reference.  I've added a new scenario (bunker busting!).  I also decided to dispense with the pictures embedded in the text—there’s plenty of pretty eye candy on the internet and, really, are you buying a set of rules online via PDF for the artwork or for the game play?

The rules are available here 

A brief synopsis of the rules:

Fast play—2 hours or less

Easy combat mechanics—infantry fire, anti-tank fire, and close-range firefights all use the same basic to-hit mechanic

Importance of leaders—your squad and platoon leaders are critical to keep your force fighting, but every time they do something significant, they might get hit by enemy fire


Emphasis on units over individuals—players focus on the placement of squads, tanks, and heavy weapons, not individual riflemen

Can be played with any scale of miniatures and any type of basing

This book contains:

Rules for infantry and vehicle combat

Artillery and air support

Special terrain rules for bocage, urban combat, fighting in forests, and more

Special combat rules for human wave assaults, night fighting, chaos and confusion, and more

Tips for designing scenarios

8 scenarios

Orders of battle the US, German, Soviet, British, Italian, Japanese, and French armies

Vehicle and gun stats for 1940-1945

Markers for pinned, broken, and other game conditions


If you’re on the fence about buying the rules—the wargaming world is not exactly starving for WWII rules!—I will be releasing a free, introductory version of the game soon and will announce the release here.