The September new releases for ACP164: The Albedo Miniatures game are available.

These include the iconic Air Assault Squad, wearing body armour & assault helmets and packing extra firepower these ILR Troopers are deployed straight to the front line via LARC transports.

With the exception of Toki, who is a specific character from the comic strip, all models are supplied with a variety of poses and heads.

September New Releases
• ACPBS07 ILR Air Assault Squad (Box set 6 miniatures) £24
• ACPC01 Toki EDF Character Model £6
• ACP22 ConFed Homeguard LMG Team (LMG Gunner & Loader) £8
• ACP 19 ILR 189/2 LMG Team (2 Miniatures) £8
• ACP16 ILR Portable Missile Launcher £6
• ACP23 ConFed Homeguard Reinforcements (3 Miniatures) £12

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