After many months of working behind the scenes, I am very, very pleased to be able to announce that when you browse the Baccus catalogue, you will now find 100% photographic coverage available.   Yes, no more reading a boring description and looking at an ‘Image awaited’ logo.   We’ve got the entire lot painted, photographed and on display, right from our Ancient Egyptians to our latest WW2 infantry.

For some reason historical figure manufacturers seem to have regarded this sort of approach as unnecessary and wasteful of effort.    This is a page from our very first site launched back in 2000


It’s not exactly rip-roaringly exciting is it?   Little more than a printed catalogue on a web page.  Even then, the idea that the web was a visual medium and needed a little more effort was apparent and very soon customers were able to access this:


Okay, the paint jobs weren’t outstanding, the photography was a bit dodgy and the coverage spotty, but it was a start.   If you visit the Baccus site nowadays, this is what you can expect:


Which is much more like it, especially when a click on any of the pictures gives you access to an enlarged version.


So there you have it, over a thousand codes all there in glorious technicolour for you to peruse before you buy.


You’d think that I could now do a bit of well-earned laurel resting, but those things are far too prickly to be comfortable for long and there is still work to do.   Given the time scale of this process and an evolution of style and technique over that period, some of the older images on the site aren’t up to current standards.   These have been identified and over the coming months they will in turn be replaced and upgraded.

Some in the industry will question why I’ve gone to so much trouble.    It’s been ‘proven’ that just painting a figure or a vehicle and posting a photo doesn’t increase sales of that model, so why bother?    The answers, should anyone be interested seem very clear to me:


  • The Internet is a VISUAL medium. The website is a mail order company’s shop window.  If you can’t show the goods to people how on earth can you expect them to even think about buying them?
  • It shows a respect for customers. Without them there is no business.  Getting this degree of coverage shows that we care that they care about being able to see what AGR1a looks like when compared to AGR1 or AGR8a.   These things are important.
  • We are proud of what we make. Far from being the rice grains and budgie grit of some less than inventive wargaming ‘humour’ these are wonderful models and we want to show them to the world.

Please feel free to browse away and have a look – because on the Baccus site you can do just that!