Here at Ambush Alley Games, we’ve been having terrible luck keeping our forum going! We upgraded, we switched to new software, sacrificed a goat or two, but nothing seemed to help. You can imagine our chagrin (not to mention that of the goats)! So, having exhausted our own abilities, we reached out to a professional: Mike, right here at The Wargames Website!

Mike had us set up and back on our feet in a trice (which is pretty darned fast, idiom-wise) and now Ambush Alley Games has a new forum home, right here on The Wargames Website. That should make it an easy commute for most of you reading this, so we hope you’ll drop in and say hello! We’ve got some goat on the grill and it smells great!

Best Wishes,

Shawn from Ambush Alley Games (AAG)