As some of you may be aware, I stopped posting on TMP, WD3, LAF etc. a while back.
I am now no longer posting on my own forum?!!

I want people to be able to come together and share, and talk about my most excellent 6mm products and enjoy 6mm sci-fi in general.
I want people to see all there is to offer and what is great about 6mm sci-fi, especially 6mm sci-fi skirmish.

I have decided to close down the AB forum to new members and encourage them to come here to the 6mm sci-fi forum, current AB forum members have already started coming across, some already posted here anyway.
It seems sometimes that when you post an article, wip, aar, whatever online, that you have to post it on a gazillion different sites to make sure it reaches the biggest possible audience.
I got bored of doing that, so have decided to just post on here and sometimes on Facebook linking back to here.

I intend to drive/steer traffic to the 6mm sci-fi forum of TWW and make it all that is great about 6mm sci-fi.
I urge you to do the same as Size Matters!