I am putting the Angel Barracks 6mm sci-fi product range up for sale.
This includes all the masters I have, the greens and the 3d prints and the building masters.
It also includes all the STL files I have.
It includes all the resin building moulds that I have, plus you would get all the spin casting moulds I own
(but these are not with me, they live at the casters)
It also includes all the stock that I have.
So to summarise, all the product and masters be they physical or digital.

Note... Angel Barracks itself is not for sale, just the products and all the associated IP that goes with it.

As some of you may know, in January of 2017 I launched Crom's Anvil and the plan was to make the AB 6mm sci-fi along side the CA 15mm fantasy.
However here we are 13 months later and not a single new 6mm sci-fi product.
I have taken an honest look at myself and concluded I would not be likely to make any more 6mm sci-fi in the next 13 months either.
So rather than just let AB coast along as it is rather than grow, I have decided to let someone else pick up the torch and run with it.

(Plus the cash would be very very useful for the deposit we have been trying to get together for a house so we can get out of our current rented accommodation.)

So there you go, if you are interested and have a few grand to invest by buying the worlds best* 6mm sci-fi product range,
drop me an e-mail

Angel Barracks - Size Matters!

*according to me