The HK Drone is the RDFs remote operated weapons platform.
Armed with twin KR 16’s (Kinetic Rifle - 16mm calibre) these drones can lay down a lethal amount of firepower onto the enemy without risking a single RDF life.
Fast, nimble and deadly.


The RDF have recently purchased a new KVW Skimmer variant, the Rattlesnake.
Operating much as the MS1 Command Module; the Rattlesnake provides battlefield intelligence and can be used to enhance the effectiveness of the HK Drones.
Being a skimmer it can of course chase  the amphibious Bullfrog Trucks without any effort.


Finally, smashing through Junker Insurgent barricades and make shift fortifications can be hard on the Pathfinders, so the RDF now have an upgrade to make mincemeat of such pesky attempts at resisting pacification!

These are available to pre-order and will begin shipping in about two weeks.