ClearHorizon Miniatures releases the Apocalypse-Class Superheavy Tank

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The Apocalypse-class superheavy tank is designed as a deep-space all-in-one peacekeeping solution.

The turret contains two high-wattage plasma cannons, auxiliary mini-gun, four AA/AT missile pods and a multi-spectral RADAR/LADAR sensor package.

The tank can use its four independently powered drive/track modules to raise or lower itself giving it a wide variety of capabilities. Its troop compartment can carry up to eight fully armed and armored combat troops or six power-armored troops.

Here is a comparison picture:

And a picture of the tank in the raised position:

This is a 15mm scale multi-part resin kit.

The Apocalypse tank was sculpted Steve Coolhand Tyler.
Painted by Spaceman Spiff