A WW2 month for a change, we have added the French dismounted motorcyclists for the GRCA/GRDI together with Cavalry. For dismounts use the Dragons Portee. Also new is the Italian M11/39 and a new version of the Flak56 - 88mm.

Next up will be the Schutztruppen for WW1 Africa. These should have been released in March, but we simply didn't have time to get them in to mould - sorry!
We have now listed everything that's available in the 1950s-1970s Postwar ranges, although there are a few models that will be re-released after re-moulding.
Some of the old modern Range has been bought by Anthalonica.

What's next?
Continuing the WW1 Africa releases - Schutzentruppen for April and Askaris for May and re-moulding as much as we can of the Postwar.
We are working on the Italian CV35 and the command vehicles for 21Pz in Normandy and of course, the Gnome et Rhone for the French.
So – go explore!!
Chas and Geoff