ArmiesArmy is very pleased to announce the pre-orders of its new Russian Empire Forces!

The Russian Empire emerged from the second civil galactic revolution after decades of Socialist governments. The commonly known ‘Whites’ supported by several other nations regained control of several colonies and a large chunk of former Russia. The combatant Socialist government fled to the largest and richest system, Kirov and formally declared the Russian United States of Kirov as their home... The Russian Empire continues the fight with them, in what continues to be a very bloody civil war of Whites v Reds.
The full range of figures include infantry and vehicles.

To launch the new troops, I’ll be offering special pre order prices! The pre order offer will close on Feb 10th (as I’m away in Houston on business before  ) and items will be posted within two weeks of that date, if not before. 🙂

The available codes are:

AA501 - Squad pack , contains 6 infantry, 2 Fire Team Leaders, 1 RPG, 1 LMG Squad pack

AA502 - Command pack , contains 5 command Troops

AA503 - 5 LMG pack, contains 5 LMG Troops (varied)

AA504 - 5 RPG pack, contains 5 RPG Troops (varied)

AA505 - Infantry pack, contains 10 rifleman (varied)

AA506 - Heavy HMG pack, contains 3 Heavy HMG teams

AA507 - Heavy AT weapons pack, contains 3 AT teams

AAV501 Single Kurnganet APC

AAV502 Kurnganet ‘стилет’ MGS

AAV505 Bogatyr MBT

AAV503 Kurnganet APC (Ambulance)

AAV503 Kurnganet Command (or Missile)

I also have several discounted army packs

AA520 Infantry Platoon Pack – contains 3 Squad packs, 1 Command and 1 Heavy HMG

AA521 Mechanised Infantry Platoon Pack - contains 4 APC’s 3 Squad packs, 1 Command and 1 Heavy HMG

AA522 Mechanised Infantry HQ – contains 3 APC’s, 1 BDB 525, 3 Squad Packs and 2 Command packs

We have plans to extend the range as well, and are always happy to hear your suggestions!
All pre order packs can be found at my shop