Following this series of articles about FatMan Productions and our first product, the game Awakening: Recon, we will, in this article, talk about one of the factions, the Dagonians.
When we first thought on making the different factions for the game, many different concepts came to my mind. Humans, robots, insectoids, etc. But there was always the wish to do a maritime race, I just love the concept. In the meanwhile I contacted a friend’s friend, Carlos Pinheiro, to start making the concept art about the game. Carlos has this cartoonish drawing style that I love and wanted to see in our miniatures. He immediately started making sketches of several “maritime characters”. Until we got this fellow here:

More developing sketches were made in order to reflect the game rules we had idealized for them. We also started contacting sculptors and 3D modelers to start making our first Dagonian.

sculpting attempts:

After several attempts, we “hit home” with Juan Castillo, a Spanish modeler that has the talent, ambition and patience to deal with us.

Talking about game play, the Dagonians are THE close combat specialist army. All of their games rules point towards a clear specialization and supremacy in close quarters fighting, and although they have some ranged units, these only provide some support shooting. You can also expect quite a few models when building this army.
Finally, in terms of universe context, the story of Awakening: Recon will be told using mainly the view of the Dagonians, and their various clans, as Alexandre Silva (main writer) is telling us. He views the Dagonians like a neutral civilization that is just trying to survive the complex universe of races and factions interactions. And doing it in style: drinking, brawling and making their ancestors proud!

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