The Alphas represent a long gone civilization that declined on the prime of their scientific achievement. These small grey beings accomplished, scientifically, what other known races can only dream of.

Our idea for the Alphas was to make them this kind of “one man army”. Where the player chooses one machine, in which the Alpha goes to war, and then chooses several other small machines that boost the Alpha’s abilities. This was our general idea behind the Alphas during development.

In terms of design, we wanted all the Alphas war machines to have one common feature, in this case we chose the head, while the rest of the machine had to be quite different, in aspect and game wise role. The result of these guidelines was the Juggernaut, Mammoth and Valkyrie, three different machines on which the Alphas fight their enemies. The other models are these kind of bots, which help the Alphas, in boosting their abilities or playing a more active part on the battlefield.

In terms of army construction the Alphas differ from the other faction, being each Alpha considered a Force Commander on its own, posing a very interesting challenge in terms of gameplay.

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