It's time to get show orders sent in.

I’d like to start off today’s update with a big Thank You to all the members of the Wargames Association of Reading for their mammoth effort in staging the Warfare show last weekend. The new venue for the show was excellent, but it was obvious to all that it was a very labour intensive to run and the hosts did a wonderful job.

Which brings us to this week’s order number, which is….#22550. The usual proviso applies in that some numbers prior to this will be going out next week, and a few in advance will actually be on their way.

Coming very soon are the two final shows of the year; Battleground and Recon.
IF you are coming to these shows and planning some retail therapy, please be aware that do not now have to the time to restock our shelves. That means that is really, Really, REALLY important to let us know what you want ahead to the show, so we can ensure that we bring it along. Even if it is just one pack. The last couple of shows have really taken their toll on our stocks, and we have some large gaps. Just send an email or call us.