There is now less than a month to go to this year's Joy of Six and it really is looking like another outstanding show.

In terms of traders we have the following attending, their shelves, racks and tables packed with 6mm merchandise of all types:
• Baccus
• Wargames Emporium
• Commission
• Brigade Models
• GM Boardgames
• Heroics & Ros
• Rapier
• Leven Miniatures
• Christopher Morris
• GS Miniature Workshop

We're really pleased to be able to welcome GM Boardgames who are travelling to attend the show all the way from Poland. They'll be showing off their ACW game and a lovely range of figures.
Also new for this year is Christopher Morris who'll be selling books - a real gap in the products available in previous years' events.

The list of games is really quite stellar:
• GM Boardgames
• Wakefield and District Wargamers
• SAD Wargamers
• Cold War Commanders
• Dan Hodgson
• Gripping Beast
• Naval Wargames Society
• Per Broden and Wyre Foresters
• Commission Figures
• Mailed Fist
• Yorkshire Renegades
• Ian and Mark Henderson
• MAD gamers
• Baccus 6mm
• Milton Keynes
• Harry Ryder
• Grantham Strategy and Gaming Club
• Robert Dunlop
• Sheffield Wargames Soc & WD
• James Mitchell
• Deeside Defenders
• Wargames Emporium
• Battle of Seven Pines
• Ultra fast Sci-Fi
• Operation Excess
• Action at Gilly, June 1815
• Swordpoint 6mm
• Zeebrugge Raid 1918
• Horka 1708
• Napoleonic
• Normandy 44
• Megara
• Hastings
• Future War Commander
• Manchester 1642
• DBMM Ancients
• Battle of Issus
• Battle of Britain
• Matz 1918
• Clitches of the Great Patriotic war
• ECW - Halfway Down
• Austerlitz
• Command Horizon

That's two dozen games of the very highest quality with 75% of them being participation. You not only get to see some great sights, but you get to join in too!

For those of you wishing to sharpen up your painting, Dr Mike will be once again be opening the doors of his splendiferous painting clinic.

There will be two seminars; The Baccus team will once again be placed in a locked room with a load of customers and pinned against the wall and made to deliver up the deepest and darkest secrets about what goes on behind the scenes at the Grim Workshop of Doom. The second will be a new format to us in that we've assembled a panel of some of the Great and the Good of our hobby to chew over some topical 6mm related issues. There'll be more details of this coming along later, but I think that's going to be a cracking session!

Add in to this heady mix a Bring and Buy, good food and very reasonable places and a mere £3.00 entry fee, then you have the makings of one of the best shows on the UK games circuit.

You can find all the details HERE

If you fancy making a full weekend of it, then why not book yourself in on a Baccus Workshop Tour? We'll be holding two sessions on Saturday 14th July. Numbers are limited, so get your reservations in now or risk disappointment as they are very popular. Just email or call us on 0114 2724491.