11th Dec 2020

It's the time in the cycle where lots of you are getting in touch about orders, either awaiting casting or in the post. To address the latter first, postal services around the world are struggling with both Covid issues and the normal seasonal increase in activity. A few months ago, an order might have taken two weeks to the get to an address in the US for example. At the moment, that might be two months. Parcels ARE getting through, they are just taking longer, so please don't panic.

With regards to casting progress, we are hurrying through the order pile, but it is a very, very big pile. At the moment we have three distinct streams of casting priority at work, so I cannot give a meaningful number in terms of orders reached. They should all come together in the next couple of weeks at which point the weekly progress reports will start again.
It would not be one of these posts if I didn't post a teaser or two.

Here, for your delectation is a taster of how we intend to launch 2021, with some rather tasty models from the WW2 range painted courtesy of Roland Grime (the HQ set) and The Igor, (the Panthers).

Take care and stay safe.