Yet more orders sent, yet more WW2 releases and yes, another preview piccy.

Yes, it's that time of the week again. You know the one. If you are a Baccus customer, one little number will either fill you with hope or cast you into stygian gloom. If you're not a Baccus customer, then you just shrug and move on.

This week, we have reached order number 16723 so things are moving very steadily as we catch up with the backlog.

We've even managed to continue with the new releases. This week's batch are from our WW2 German range. The first is another Marder variant in the of a IIIM 7.5cm Pak 40.

Next we have a motley set of improvised truck mobile 2cm flak guns.

Finally for today there are some late war German trucks with wooden cabs.

Finally for today there is yet another preview from our refurbished Great Northern War Swedes.

This time it's back to the infantry in the shape of pikemen from the Upplands regiment. Just a final reminder. The existing GNW range will be withdrawn from sale, this time next week. If you wish to purchase any of these figures to complete a project, then you have just seven days to do so.