Order update, new releases and some Good News!
Another week, another number, another set of new releases. Just a normal seven days here at Baccus central. This week we have reached order number 16610. This represents a mammoth effort from the Baccus casting team in terms of getting the moulds spun and the admin in getting the orders invoiced, packed and despatched. I’d like to thank them publicly for their efforts.
We are keeping up a terrific pace, and, linked to the current limit on order size, this has meant that we are catching up very nicely on what has been a huge backlog of orders. Because of this, I am very happy to be able to announce that with immediate effect we are raising the order limit from £50 to £100. This means that our full range of army packs and boxed starter sets are once again available to order.
That we’ve got this far is largely down to the cooperation of lots of our customers who put up with the limits and followed the rules that we had to put in place. Thank you very much for this. Given that we are now in the next step of the recovery process, it’s a good time to reiterate those rules:
Only one order per household. (You would be amazed at the number of brothers, sisters, various offspring, wives, partners, pets and parents who have suddenly developed a burning interest in wargaming in 6mm over the last few weeks.)
No multiple orders. All we do is place the second order to the back of the queue as it stands at the time.
No topping up of existing orders. I know that some of you want to take advantage of the new limit and add extras, but we are basing our performance on what we have in the backorders at the moment and can’t afford to inflate that.
Because I know just what wargamers do when faced with a set of rules, I am also stating that I am acting with full umpire's rights to make final, binding and arbitrary judgements on attempts to break the rules or the spirit of the game!
The next step will be to remove limits altogether and the more of you that stick to the rules, the quicker that will happen.
We are continuing with our rolling programme of new releases from our ever-expanding Second World War range, and this time it’s British Armoured Cars in the spotlight with a Humber Scout Car, Humber AA mkI armoured car, Humber mkIII armoured car, Humber mkIV armoured car and finally an AEC mkII/III Armoured Car, 6pdr/75mm.
Next week we switch back to their German opponents.
There are plans well in had for releases in other periods. Here's another preview of the resculpted GNW range in the form of some rather aggressive Swedish Dragoons.
We are getting close to getting some of these codes ready for sale. With that in mind, we will be withdrawing the existing GNW Swedish range from sale in advance of the release of the resculpts. This will happen on Friday 18th June, so if you want to complete an existing project with the current range, you have two weeks in which to get those orders to us.

No casters were harmed in the making of this post.