We have a couple of new spaceships today that fill in gaps in the EuroFed roster.

The first is the Voltigeur corvette, a small craft in the same style as the rest of the EuroFed fleet.

Voltigeur Corvette

The second is the Aigle, a small dropship capable of carrying infantry of light vehicles. It came about when a magazine review of the Le Malin frigate noted that it had a similar configuration to the Space 1999 Eagle Transporter. Now I hadn’t noticed that fact until it was pointed out, but from there it seemed an obvious next move to create a dropship in that style. The Aigle isn’t really all that similar to the Gerry Anderson vessel that inspired it – it has the same vague outline but that’s all.

Aigle Dropships

SFS-450 – Voltigeur Corvette – £1.00
SFS-470 – Aigle Dropship (x6) – £1.50