Ok... here we go.

We are bursting into 2018 with the biggest project yet. The company was originally set up so that Annie had some shieldmaidens to play with, and a few years on, we're going back to our roots to create an enormous shieldmaiden army.

Suitable and designed for dark ages wargaming, these are incredibly versatile and will find homes in many fantasy games as well as other historicalperiods.

Over 50 brand new miniatures, predominately sculpted by Alan Marsh (of Bad Squiddo WW2 fame, as well as existing shieldmaiden characters and more). Featuring complimentary sculpts from Shane Hoyle, John Morris and Phil Hynes. Mostly single piece yet stunning poses and attention to detail. Even more perfect than ever to lure more people to the hobby.

Whilst ambitious as heck, our relationship with a new casting company is allowing us to fulfill this at breakneck speed, so we wrap up Early February and deliver March-April. Hopefully all of it in March. They showed how amazing they are with the My Last Sunrise Kickstarter and have worked with us long enough now that we are more impressed with their quality and speed (and kindness) than anything else we've come across.

Stay tuned as we dribble some beautiful and breathtaking sculpts at you over the following weeks. The incredible paint jobs are by Paul at Here Be Goblins.

I (Annie) am incredibly excited by this, and I know you will be too.