Introducing....the brand new website! A beautiful place you can choose from the largest selection of female miniatures in the world.

Head on over to now and check it out. Though we will always have fond memories of the old website, this one has all the bells and whistles! It also has live stock levels, which means if you see it there, it's ready for you to buy.

In a rare move, there is 10% off all Bad Squiddo products (that includes the badges and even mugs!) until the end of next week. Just enter the code SHINEYANDCHROME at the checkout.

There are some brand new releases on there to check out also.

Please share the heck out of this post (I can't "boost" it as there is too much text for Facebook's liking) and Baggy will reward you in Valhalla.

Many thanks to Nick at Cloudlevel for building the website of my dreams,

Annie Norman
Bad Squiddo Games