Holiday Office Closure Extended due to Illness

Yup! So we were supposed to be back in office on the 2nd January ready to catch up with those holiday orders and enquiries. "Australian Flu" has hit our shores and though I have no diagnosis (staying away from doctors/hospitals so the more vulnerable get a chance!), I definitely have some form of flu.

It's definitely bad as I would have forced myself back in the office by now.

I'm hoping to have kicked it's ass by the end of the week but whenever I do get back in, I'll be a bit slow wading through everything and still shaky. I will be back in as soon as I can, but without being too silly or infecting others - we share a building with Firestorm Games and Great Escape Games and I don't want to drag them down with me!

If you've followed Bad Squiddo for a while you will know how much I love clean, stylised stock photos! Check this lady out! This is how you can imagine me currently, it's much lovelier than the sweating, choking reality.

Merely typing this has taken up most of my energy so I'm keeping it short so I can go back to bed. Lots to update you on but it will have to wait, as well as the REVIEW OF THE YEAR 2017! WOO! Keep an eye on the Facebook page as well as the group "Baggy's Cave" for more, including the eventual "Yay I am back in work!"