The Bear is Back!!!

For years, Bear's Den Miniatures offered a lot of miniatures for some very niche areas that no one covered and then, sadly went off the market. Badger Games acquired as many of the Bear's Den Master Molds as we could lay our grubby little hands on and have begun the long process of putting the ranges back into production.

This is a long process because many codes are missing and in many cases the original ranges were not complete. Additionally, we need to make all new production molds for everything. Some ranges will stay as is, but many will get additions and all are getting new molds. 

First up are the fantastic Inuit figures. Badger has remolded these and is in the process of adding a lot of brand new figures never before part of the range. Now you can have Inuit officers, rifles and muskets to go along with the original bow and spear armed Inuit.  We are releasing and rereleasing 28 figures in 7 packs.


Up next will be Inuit dog sleds and new civilians and casualty figures. After that will be some new Inuit Mythology figures for your pulp games on the frozen tundra. 

Please be aware the complete rerelease of Bear's Den will be a labor-intensive process over 2018 and beyond and as we have lots of other miniatures to get into production, there is not a specific timeframe we can promise.

Bear's Den Miniatures are available exclusively from Badger Games.