Terror on the High Seas at Badger Games!

Badger Games is pleased to announce the latest 28mm range from Pontoonier Miniatures...Terror on the High Seas. We hope these figures will encourage you to dust off some of your old pirate miniatures or add some new spice to your pirate games!

The initial range is for full crews for Goblin or Dwarf Pirates. However, the range will not stop there...no not by a long shot. Coming soon is a full crew of turbaned scimitar wielding rat pirates (a great match for Pontoonier's comprehensive Barbary Pirate range). After that, crews of skeletal pirates, Orc pirates and the fearsome Ogre pirates!

Finally, this range will expand in short order with the addition of Pirate-weres (were sharks, etc.), Sea Hags, drown zombie pirates and much, much more!

Watch this space, see our Facebook page or follow us on Twitter for the latest news about this and other ranges!