Badger Games is getting ready to head to Gary Con 2018!

Gary Con is a growing convention in beautiful Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. Begun as an homage to the father of all Role-Play gaming, Gary Gygax, Gary Con has grown to a premier convention, attracting gamers from around the country and the world. If you have not gone, it is worth a visit...and a great chance to hobnob with some of the giants of role-play gaming in an idyllic setting.

 Badger Games is again setting up shop in the vendor area. We will have some of the best miniatures for role-play and pulp games on the market for your review including Otherworld Miniatures (their complete range), Lucid Eye's fantastic and ever-increasing range of miniatures ideal for role-play from fantasy through post modern games and the great figures from Bronze Age Miniatures to name a few.

Stop by and say hello to Kris who will be manning our booth and take a look!