Old Guard Games to Open May 24 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Old Guard Games is a gamers’ game store. With more than 4000 square feet of retail space, OGG will have everything you’d expect at a traditional game store like Warhammer, Magic the Gathering, Pokémon, board games and other staples.

But Old Guard is not just about staples. We are gamers. The shelves are also packed with tons of miniatures, paints and other goodies for games such as Bolt Action, SAGA, Star Wars, Battletech and more. We have wide selections of games you might have wanted to try like Deadman’s Hand, Frostgrave, Silver Bayonet, Gangs of Rome, Gaslands, Baron’s War and much more.

In addition, we have two huge gaming halls with space for more than a dozen games each plus gaming right in the store proper.

Old Guard was designed to be a place for gamers to gather and hangout. We describe it as a game store on steroids meets a Victorian library from an old Sherlock Holmes movie with a little PT Barnum thrown in for good measure. We think it will blow you away!

If you are in the Milwaukee area May 24-26, stop by the grand opening. We have giveaway bags for the first 100 customers each day, in-store giveaways throughout all three days, large tournaments and events for Bolt Action, 40K, Age of Sigmar, Chess, Magic the Gathering and Netrunner as well as two tables playing a constant and ever-changing array of Demo games that you can walk up and join.

With Adepticon moving to Milwaukee in 2025, we are very exciting about gaming in the Midwest!