To say it took some time would be an understatement. And we appreciate the patience of the wargaming community. Badger Games is now up and running with a major online web store presence. We think the site was worth the wait.

Badger will serve the gaming community in two main ways. Internationally and in the USA, we are the exclusive seller of a number of ranges previously only limitedly available. These include our owned ranges.

In the US, we will bring you a number of fantastic international ranges, many of which were previously only available through direct order. Now they are available in the US. And, at US conventions, we will have both our ranges and the ranges we carry available for your perusal.

Finally, we will be releasing a number of ranges that we have acquired that may have been unavailable for some time.

We currently have a shipping promo for January to thank those who so patiently waited. As shipping rates in the US have gown up significantly, these rates will not last past January (click US Promo or International Promo at checkout).

We plan to make a number of exciting announcements on the Wargames Website, so watch this space.