Conquest Games up on the Badger Site!!!

We have loved the wonderful 28mm figures from Conquest Games in the UK for some time. And, we are happy to say, we are now able to offer them direct in the US on our site and at our Booth at your favorite convention.

Conquest has some great plastic boxed sets for the Dark Ages and Medieval periods. These sets will allow you to add to or create SAGA warbands. There are also wonderful Norman era metal figures to enhance your forces. The Normans and Medievals saunter nicely into their Robin Hood range which is perfect for as Sherwood Forest skirmish!

We also have all of Conquests “Ecclesiastical” range of monks. These figures can provide a wonderful backdrop to your games or be the focus of a Viking raid. These are truly wonderful, characterful figures.

Finally, we have some great Dark Age looking undead barrow wights. I’m not going to say what these would be perfect for, but as we know here in Wisconsin at -50 degrees, “Winter is here…”

Stop by the site and have a look at these and our other offerings!