BADGER GAMES is Off to Historicon 2018!!!

The truck is loaded and the team is on the road to the wilds of Pennsylvania. We are excited to have a fantastic new booth set up to go with all of the new product we will have for this important American historical gaming convention.

Badger will have all of the ranges we produce including Pontoonier Miniatures, Mongrel Miniatures, Bear’s Den Miniatures, Regiment Games and Obelisk Miniatures. Come see the new releases for these expanding lines.

Additionally, we will be bringing many of the fantastic ranges we carry from around the world including Company D, The Assault Group, Great Escape Games, Foundry (and the Foundry paints which are back in stock in the USA), Outpost Wargames Service, Gripping Beast and the exciting new SAGA II rules and many more.

For the first time, Badger Games will also have the exciting 1898 Miniatures Spanish American War range from Spain and our latest addition, 1866 Miniatures and their 19th European Wars ranges (Austro-Prussian through Franco-Prussian Wars).

So, stop by the booth and say high to Emily. Check out the Historicon only deals. And, sign up for the badger Games mailing list!