In this issue you get:

The Spotlight and Game design columns.

New traits, gear and units for Clash on the Fringe, including "Techno-Savages" for all your space-orc needs.

Five Knights on the Road. The playtest version of the long-awaited FiveCore medieval/fantasy rules.

Random event tables for No End in Sight and No Stars in Sight.

Disunity - An introductory Clash on the Fringe scenario by Nate Weber.

D10 tables for FiveCore skirmish gaming.

Suggestions and cards for quick FiveCore pulp gaming.

The playtest version of Elimination Protocol, a stand-alone original system for randomly generated bug
hunt games. Do you want to live forever?

Terrain encounter tables for any wargame. Ever wanted entering an unexplored terrain feature to be a bit more unpredictable?

Robots for FiveCore skirmish.

Fluff for the Fringe setting, this time discussing mercenaries.