The flagship article this month is the introductory version of LaserStorm, the upcoming NWG scifi rules for big, super-fast battles with lots of toys on the table.

In addition, you will find:

*FiveCore rules mods for black powder skirmish gaming.

*Not one, not two but three scenarios for No Stars in Sight. (Easily adaptable to other scifi rules)

*An essay about game design, to help YOU get started.

*How to create an absolutely killer gaming board for fantasy wargames like Battle Hack.

*A random generator to create fantasy heroes for any game rules or RPG.

*FiveCore rules expansions to play platoon sized skirmishes.

*Campaign rules for the Battle Hack beta rules from issue 2.

*Industry talk with Michael from Angel Barracks, talking about why you too should be playing 6mm scifi and a little insight in the economics of 6mm vehicle models.

*More aliens for FiveCore Company Command.

*A random alien infestation generator, suitable for almost any scifi miniatures game.

* * * * *

Whether you play NWG games or not, the Battle Pack has something for you, in this, the biggest issue we've done yet!

Look inside for submission guidelines if you want to see your article here!

* * * * *

The price is $6.99 as this issue is the biggest we've done yet (just shy of 70 pages).
As an aside, this is also the first time I've managed to get it done on the time frame I originally wanted (last weekend of each month)