NVA commission.
NVA rifle platoon (pre 1970)
The North Vietnamese Army rifle platoon. The mainstay of the Communist North’s push to bring Communism to the south and unite Vietnam again. 3 Rifle platoons + a weapons platoon made up a company, with three companies + a weapons company making up a Battalion. This platoon represents a typical platoon from the before 1970, when most of the NVA forces were still armed with the Soviet SKS rifle, with a small number of the iconic AK47. This full paper strength platoon will give you all you need to start with whichever rule set you prefer.

Command x 2 figures
Three x 9 man rifle sections
One x 5 man PKM LMg section
One x 2 man RPG2 team

36 figures fully painted ready for the tabletop. £220.00 UK post free.
All figures included from the Empress Miniatures 28mm range

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