We've admired from afar at the excellent buildings of Battlescale for a long time so we're very pleased to announce that we're now stocking them on our website too! We've had the first batch through from Steve which covers about half of his 10mm ranges, and then we'll be adding the second lot in the next week or so.

These buildings are great quality, well cast and match up nicely with our figure ranges.

BAT-10B001 Townhouse Ruin Section £3.25
BAT-10B002 Small Ruin £3.25
BAT-10B003 Thatched Timber Cottage £4.25
BAT-10B004 Russian Dwelling £4.25
BAT-10B005 Tiled Timber Cottage £4.25
BAT-10B006 Croft £4.25
BAT-10B007 Cattle Byre £4.25
BAT-10B009 Domed Russian Church £8.50
BAT-10B010 Dark Age Roundhouse £4.25
BAT-10B011 Dark Age A-Framed Dwelling £4.00
BAT-10B012 Dark Age Dwelling £5.25
BAT-10B013 Small Thatched Hut £3.00
BAT-10B014 Clapboard House £6.00
BAT-10B015 Clapboard House + Carriage Shed £6.00
BAT-10B016 Single Storey Ruin + Rubble £9.00
BAT-10B017 Single Storey Ruin £5.25
BAT-10B018 European Ruin No: 1 £5.25
BAT-10B019 Terrace Ruin £7.00
BAT-10B020 Café/Shop £5.00
BAT-10B021 European Townhouse No: 1 £6.00
BAT-10B022 European Townhouse No: 2 £6.00
BAT-10B023 European Townhouse No: 3 £7.50
BAT-10B024 European Townhouse No: 4 £6.00
BAT-10B025 Rural Workshop £5.00
BAT-10B026 Thatched Stone Barn £5.25
(All supplied unpainted)

And here's some pics of them to tempt you in...